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OSHC Insurance

OSHC Overview

OSHC or Overseas Students Health Cover is mandatory health cover that all international students must possess for the entire duration of their student visa in Australia.

It gives students access to in and out-of-hospital medical services to maintain their wellbeing and health during their stay in Australia. Get your free quote now.

OSHC Facts


What is OSHC

OSHC is health insurance that helps towards covering the cost of:

  • Out-of-hospital medical treatment
  • In-hospital medical treatment
  • Prescription medicines
  • Emergency ambulance assistance

Do I Really Need It

  • Condition 8501 requires all overseas students to maintain OSHC during their entire stay or risk visa cancellation.
  • Its a huge peace of mind given that hospital treatment can cost $1500 or more per day!

Who is Eligible

  • All student visa holders
  • spouse or de-facto of student visa holders
  • unmarried under-18 child or step-child of student visa holders
  • bridging visa holder who held student visa just before the bridging visa

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Overseas Students Health Cover. OSHC. My Aus Study Consulting. Sydney.

How Long Do I Need it For

As of 1 July 2010, every overseas student must maintain their OSHC for entire duration of their student visa including any extension/s.

Start and End Dates

Your OSHC cover starts as soon as you land in Australia on a student visa and continues until the expiry date shown on your cover. Renewing students will extend their cover when they extend their student visa.

Renewing my OSHC

We renew OSHC policies for our students as well as those who may have purchased their initial cover from elsewhere. You can also renew your OSHC by contacting your cover provider directly or on their website.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does OSHC cover

Allianz Global Assistance OSHC typically contributes varying amounts towards:

  1. Out of hospital medical services including GP, pathology, radiology etc.
  2. In-hospital medical services in public and private hospitals
  3. Prescription medicines listed on PBS
  4. Items on Federal Government's Prostheses List
  5. Ambulance services in an emergency

NOTE: Please refer to Allianz Global Assistance OSHC PDS for full details

2. What is not covered
  1. Physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, dental, optical,
  2. Co-payment or gap-payment to GP or other providers
  3. Fees charged by providers but not included in policy benefits

NOTE: Please refer to Allianz Global Assistance OSHC PDS for full details

3. Are you authorised Allianz partners

Yes. We are registered Allianz Global Partners and have been authorised to promote and sell Allianz OSHC products that meet the compliance and health requirements of our students and other clients.

5. Where can I get help?

Allianz Global OSHC has client service reps at some Student Self Service Areas and Campuses at various times in the week. Or, you can visit Allianz OSHC's  website for other options.

Our students are welcome to contact us if they are unable to contact Allianz Global Assistance, or even if they prefer to ring us first. We will gladly help our students in their time of need.

4. Do you sell visitor insurance?

Yes. As authorised Allianz Global Partners we are permitted to distribute and sell Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) to our clients and others when they visit Australia temporarily on any Visitor visa. Contact us for more info on OVHC.

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