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Course Change

Course Change Overview

Course change is for onshore international students only who decide to change their course or course provider. Remember: the Federal Government has very strict rules about when you can and cannot make a course change.

Also, do keep in mind that any change to your course can have serious implications for your student visa.

So, make sure you have very good reasons for a course change. And, always get the best professional advice BEFORE you make any changes.


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How It Works


What is Course Change?

You may reach a point where you just want to change your course or course provider. This could be to save time, money, or both. And, sometimes, you realise after starting a course that either you have no interest in it, or it does not live up to its hype!


What We Do

We listen to you and match you to a course and provider that matches your life goals, time frame, and most importantly – your budget! And, we try to do this by ensuring either zero or minimal disruption to your existing course and visa.


Can I Change My Course?

You MUST complete at least 6 months of your new course, and not downgrade more than 1 level. (e.g.) from Masters to a Diploma. Also, it is not advisable to change your subject drastically (e.g.) Accounting to Cookery.

Student Speak

Totally impressed with the professional and highly competent interactions I had with you from the very 1st WhatsApp message I sent you from Karachi. Thank you for your help.

Rehan, P


Gaurav is a capable and honest agent. He listens carefully and will always tell you only what is correct advice. I highly recommend him over other big name agencies.

Parul, D


Thank you for a wonderful experience to help me change my college without negatively affecting my visa or career chances. I will surely recommend you to my friends.

Ajay, M


Gaurav helped me save money for the same course in another college. Because of this I am now less stressed and enjoying my time in Australia better because of his advice.

Sana, Q



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does $199 get me?

This is our professional fee to assist you with your course and/or provider change from start to finish.

This includes a professional consultation in our office to understand your needs and budget, and recommend courses and providers accordingly.

We will work with you from that 1st consultation all the way to getting you the eCoE from your new uni or college.

Note: 10% GST is charged extra to $199.

2. Is $199 fee refundable?

Our professional fee ($199 + GST) is not refundable. The only exception is if we are unable to secure you an eCoE of a similar course at similar provider we mutually agreed to at your 1st consultation with us. In all other outcomes, we do not refund our professional fee.

3. Does $199 include visa services?

No. This is our professional fee to secure you an eCoE for your new course at the same or different provider.

We do offer visa services for subclass 500, 476, 485 and other types at additional charges determined on a case to case basis.

4. How long does course change take?

This varies from one provider to another, as well as the complexity of each student’s case.

Typically, we should receive an eCoE for your new course between 2 to 4 weeks of submitting a complete application.

Most eCoE delays are caused by students not providing their documents on time.

However, some providers can take between 6 to 8 weeks to issue an eCoE – especially to students from high-risk countries.

5. Do I get a free consultation?

Yes. We offer you a complimentary 10-minute 1st meeting at our luxury office in Parramatta to understand your needs and to make sure we can help you with your course change.

6. How do I get more info?

You are invited to meet, ring, email or WhatsApp us at the info on our contact page. We will be delighted to answer your questions to your heart’s content.

Student Speak

I found Gaurav to be a knowledgeable agent with integrity for my best results. He is reliable and responsible agent. Will surely use you again. Thank you.

Luiza, S


Was recommended by a friend. Am very satisfied with Gaurav sir. He is approachable, friendly and listen carefully to my situation and help me. Just call him.

Shwetha, K


Very satisfied with my experience with Gaurav at My Aus Study. He is friendly, professional, and delivers exactly what he promises. I surely recommend him.

Victor, T


My parents and I are very happy with Gaurav Sir. He knows his stuff and gave us high quality advice which is very relevant to my scenario to study in Australia.



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