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Bachelor of Midwifery


Bachelor Degree






3 Years


Six (6)


Bachelor of Midwifery trains graduates to participate in the most significant event in most people’s lives by training them for a rewarding and challenging career as a midwife.

The course combines students’ talents and dedication with the skills required to provide holistic care during pregnancy, childbirth, and early infancy. It offers a solid grounding in midwifery theory and practice, primary healthcare, women’s health & psycho-social sciences.

Students will be equipped to work in multi-disciplinary teams and in partnership with pregnant women to contribute to healthier outcomes for mothers and babies.


Career Options

Successful graduates will be able to register and practice as midwives across a range of settings including public and private hospitals, clinics, and as midwifery educators. Other opportunities include maternity units, neonatal health units, community centres etc in rural, urban, and large cities.

Academic Requirements

Admission into this course requires that every aspiring student must have completed:

Academic Requirements, Bachelor Degree, Australian Universities.

English Requirements

Every student must demonstrate minimum result in an approved English language test as below:

English Language IELTS PTE Requirements, Bachelor Degree, Australian Universities.
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